I thought that the movie “Shattered Glass” highlighting Stephen Glass’ rise and fall as a popular journalist was both very informative and very thought-provoking. The film follows successful twenty year old Stephen Glass, a wunderkind in the news world. Throughout the film you see a seemingly quirky, blameless young man transform into a complete stranger through his manipulations and lies. Ultimately it is discovered that more than half of Glass’ published articles were fabricated. I was surprised that Glass could seem so harmless and innocent on the outside while harboring such a dark secret that ultimately discredited most of the people who stood by him. While the storyline and dramatization of the film was stimulating, I was stunned by how much of the film sparked my interest into the day to day life of a journalist, fact checker, or editor. Watching how much effort and time goes into one authors piece, and how The New Republic would continually work as a family to make sure every piece is as good and relevant as the next was inspiring.

This film also confirmed how important ethics really is for the author and reader to establish an ongoing relationship, because all an author really has is their credibility and once you lose that, you lose everything. Stephen Glass was a perfect example of what to do and what not to do. If he put in the right amount of effort to find a story, he clearly had a talent for writing them. I also considered that Glass may have excelled with writing if he stuck with fiction stories rather than fabrication nonfiction and lying to millions of dedicated readers and fans.

In conclusion, “Shattered Glass” gave me a sneak peak or behind the scenes look of both the good and the bad in print media, and reinforced my desire to become a credible, honest author.


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