Watching a documentary film about typography and page design centered on the specific font “Helvetica” could have been very dreary and monotonous but the film managed to show the importance behind the lettering and the personality behind the companies that use Helvetica. While it is not my specific interest to work in typography or page design I was still able to relate to having a passion for something and wanting to achieve the best possible results. I had never noticed how prominent the font was in our everyday life and the passion behind the speakers in the film for this typeface. They were able to show the extensive history behind Helvetica in an interesting way and the different opinions they had towards the font was eye-opening.

For example, some thought that Helvetica was a masterpiece and would speak so highly and passionately of the font, while others seemed to think that it was just a bland boring font that people used in a lazy way for their companies or advertisements. This showed how important aspects such as font and design are important to web designers, brand managers and everyday writers.

They also made a good point that you recognize company’s fonts, and while I am a fan of the more eye catching and flowing fonts, I do recognize Helvetica when I see it. I learned so much about page design and the importance it has on advertisements, especially. You recognize certain logos and even if they were to change the words, like with the Coca-Cola lettering, for example, you would still recognize that font in reference to that company. It may have been a bit boring at time and it was hard for me to relate to such a passion for a font like Helvetica, but I was still able to understand that these are artists who are focused on creating a successful brand. They have done so much research, are credible sources, and intelligent people who are constantly striving to achieve much more than average. All in all the film taught me a lot about brand management and the extensive research that goes with creating a successful design.


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