When writing a news article the most important questions to answer are who, what, where, when, why and how. Who is the article about? What happened and where? Why and how did this event even occur?

A news article covers current events so details of what happened or is happening are crucial. One method for writing a successful news article is to use the inverted pyramid style of thinking where the overview of the story is given in the first paragraph and the rest of the article focuses on expanding the story. This can be important for writers to be able to accomplish because if anything might happen within the editing process in regards to space limitation then the first paragraphs will still be relevant and useful. It may also be a disadvantage for some writers because writers may spend a majority of their time working on answering the questions in the beginnings that the end of their article may suffer. If the inverted pyramid technique does not appeal to you as a writer, then you may want to consider an alternative method of narration. These articles have a clear beginning, middle and end that may be a more suspenseful read for your audience. The last option writers have when composing a news article is a combination of a narration and inverted pyramid. It gives a small summary in the beginning without losing its ability to tell a suspenseful story to the reader.

It is extremely beneficial for a news article to have a clear and attention grabbing angle. Brainstorm on what you and the people you know find interesting to read, what kind of articles gain most of your interest and go from there. Don’t be afraid to broaden your horizons and branch out into current events that interest you. Once you establish what is going to be the best lead for your article then you should focus your attention on giving the reader a strong sense of why this event or story is significant to them. You should focus on an audience that is already interested in your topic while adding in details and background information for new readers with no prior familiarity on your issue.

The final portion of writing a news article is to edit for your audience, maybe even read it out loud. Use light attractive words and have an eye-catching headline. Be careful not to use any offensive or insensitive words and most importantly, remember that your audience is broad so make sure your language is going to translate to all types of people.

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