Vampires and bats have been glorified in print and movies, but the romantic vision pales when it involves a living, fluttering creature. Expecting a routine interview session with a fellow student, instead I was on the receiving end of a shocking and unexpected tale. When I sat down with Kelly Buch, a Millersville University student, in Lancaster Pennsylvania, she shared with me a rather traumatic incident that occurred the week before during an Friday movie night with her eleven year old daughter, Eliana. Kelly explained that during the movie her daughter heard a loud nose in the attic, and they went to investigate. To their shock and horror, there was a huge, menacing black bat flying around in their attic. Terrified, they fled the scene. Shaken, Kelly called animal control where she was surprised to hear that it could cost a couple hundred dollars to rid their home of the unwanted guest. Since this was economically prohibitive, Kelly called her stepfather who was luckily more than equipped to handle the situation, and he safely remove that bat from their home without a costly bill.Many people in this situation may feel limited to calling animal control and paying for bat removal. However, that is not your only option if you can educate yourself on the best maneuvers to safely rid your home of the pest.With today’s technology, I would recommend that anyone who encounters this issue visit the website This gives you a step-by-step guide on how to remove various types of bats that may infiltrate your home. They recommend the homeowner first assess the situation at hand and find out how many bats you are up against. Hopefully, it is not a colony of bloodthirsty visitors! You should also ascertain how the intruders made their entry. Bats can enter a home through a hole as small as a half inch wide. After the preliminary investigation and inventory, you can either attempt to catch or trap the bat safely using netting or screening. To prevent future infestations, you should create a one way exit through their entry ways to ensure that any and all bats in the future have no way in, only out. After you are positive that the trespasser has left, you can seal up any and all entry ways, as this is most important to prevent future problems. Since there is no bat repellant chemical, you can follow these steps for simple, foolproof bat removal and prevention. Believe me, you don’t want your defining moment in a student interview to be the time family movie night was derailed by a real life horror movie in your attic!


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